X8 Pro Handpan G Oxalis, Stainless Steel w/ Bag (X8HPG)

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Product Overview

The unique, ethereal and mysterious sound of the steel handpan captivates everyone. The soothing tones take the listener on a spiritual journey. We're seeing this instrument used in modern, EDM, sound therapy and as musical accompaniment for spiritual activities such as yoga or meditation.

X8 Pro Handpans are made by masters of the trade, crafting and tuning each drum by hand. Play it acoustically or add a pickup to amplify your sound.

This specific drum is tuned with a center note and eight additional notes, allowing artists to create rich, full songs either as a solo artist or as part of an ensemble.

This drum comes in the following configuration:

Material: Stainless Steel

Finish: Brushed Steel

Tuning: G Oxalis

Center Note: G3 

Tones: G3 / B3, C4, D4, E4, G4, B4, C5, D5

Handpan Belt Color: Black

Weight: 10 lb.

Diameter: 23 in.

Height: 10.5 in.

Includes Heavy Duty Padded Case Backpack Bag

The Oxalis handpan scale is a similar version of the pentatonic major scale with a few distinctive features. The G major is the most sought after as it has two sets of I maj chords repeated over two octaves and another IV major 7th chord that stresses its major character. Very similar to the second version of the Paradise scale, the Oxalis handpan scale adds the 6th degree of the scale to make it useful to play over its relative minor scale. This note shifts the overall sensation towards a more introspective and intimate feeling, deepening the harmonic possibilities while playing the handpan.


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