X8 Drums Thunder Drum / Spring Drum

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Product Overview

The name says it all. We call this unusual special effects instrument the Thunder Drum, but you'll call it amazing. Also known as a Spring Drum, it's taking the percussion world by storm! This hand-held drum produces a loud, thundering tone as you roll it, shake it or twitch the spring. Much like the angry peals of thunder occurring in nature, the impressive sound this drum creates continues to rumble on even after you stop shaking the drum.

The drum works by following simple acoustic principles. When you manipulate the drum, vibrations in the attached wire spring travel freely through the drum head and are then amplified in the hollow tube. As the drum head vibrates, air inside the drum also vibrates and begins to resonate, gradually increasing in volume until it reaches a thunderous crescendo before slowly fading away.

Use this simple instrument and your imagination to make all sorts of special effects sounds. Slide a drum stick up and down the flexible wire spring, cup your hand over the open end while you play, or slap it for a nice striking sound. How you play and create is entirely up to you. The drum measures 10"Ν long and is 3 1/2"Ν in diameter and features a colorful, hand-painted storm cloud and lightning bolt.


  • Sounds like peals of thunder
  • Great projection and resonance
  • Hand-painted storm scene
  • 10"L x 3 1/2" Dia.