X8 Drums Deluxe Djembe Pro Gig Bag, Hard Top L

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Product Overview

For the ultimate in instrument protection, the Deluxe Pro Gig Bag features a water resistant nylon exterior, hard top, thick rubber bottom, plush velvet interior, embroidered X8 logo, more padding and industrial grade backpack straps. Also includes interior reinforcement insert for the bottom of the bag.

This gig bag has been rated as the best quality djembe bag offered at X8 Drums and a staff favorite!

The Deluxe version also features a third zipper down the front of the bag making getting your drum in and out of it much easier. A super sized accessory pocket is on the side and heavy duty carrying straps make the bag easy to pick up and go.

For long-term protection, travel and for professional players, this is the only bag you'll ever need.

BAG SIZE: L, typically fits djembes that have a 10" Head x 20" Tall

Overall drum head size needs to be less than 11". Height of drum needs to be 21" or less.