Star Kalimba Thumb Piano

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Product Overview

The traditional hardwood kalimba is big enough for accenting your favorite music, but small enough to take along when you travel. It's made from durable, renewable hardwood with seven tunable steel keys and a branded star and stripes design.

Although inspired by kalimbas that originated thousands of years ago, our version is made with the modern day player in mind. It's beautifully crafted from a solid piece of durable and renewable plantation grown mahogany hardwood with an oblong shape and branded star and stripes design that recalls early West African kalimbas used in tribal dances and rituals.

Seven tunable steel keys allow you to customize the pitch to your liking. Because tuning is highly subjective and varies from player to player, your kalimba arrives without any preset tuning settings. That means you can tune it to match your personal preferences. Simply tighten or loosen tension using the two screws on top, then move the keys in or out to adjust their length and pitch. The longer keys have lower pitches while shorter ones have higher pitches.

To play the kalimba like a pro, just hold it in both hands and stroke the keys with both of your thumbs together or individually. It's that easy. And don't be fooled by the kalimba's small size. It's a serious instrument, capable of producing a wide range of soothing melodies, enchanting accents, even complex musical arrangements. The compact 51/2"W x 71/4"L x 11/4"D size makes it easy to hold and play while you practice, perform or record.

7 Steel Keys
Mahogany hardwood

Width: 5.5"
Length: 7.25"
Depth: 1.25"