Kalimantan Djembe with Tattoo Gryphon, 24" Tall x 11" Head

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11" x 24"

Currently unavailable.

Product Overview

This Djembe is made of Mahogany Hardwood with a matte Teak Oil Finish and Kalimantan Tattoo Gryphon (Griffin) Bird Carving. It has 2 Rings on top providing a secure grip on the goatskin head.

We take great pride that our djembe drums are environmentally friendly. Each drum is made from legally harvested/Government inspected and certified Mahogany.

Two sizes available:

Please note that each drum is hand-carved, by master carvers, and sizes will tend to slightly fluctuate. No two drums are exactly alike which makes each one a unique work of art.

24" Tall x 11" Head, Low Stretch Alpine Nylon HTB 5 mm


  • Legally Harvested, Environmentally Sustainable Mahogany wood
  • One-piece Mahogany solid shell construction
  • Lathe turned for uniform thickness
  • Lateral groove/rough surfaced carvings on interior bowl to reduce overtones
  • Premium selected goatskin drumheads
  • Temperature controlled storage environment
  • Professional drum techs on staff ready to service your djembe

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