Trusting your Dropship Company

Posted by Kristin Stancato on 20th Mar 2015

Working with a dropship company can be an exciting way to earn extra money or be an integral part of a career in online retailing. There are virtually no limits to the products you can sell, and when you finally figure out what it is you want to sell, and can sell well, you’ve got to find the right company to supply your inventory. Trusting your dropship company is imperative for your business and your peace of mind, after all, they are charged with fulfilling your orders and providing you with support for your business.

A good dropship company will:

  • Require that you have a business license in order to qualify for wholesale prices.
  • Have plenty of information available online about the products you are selling.
  • Allow “real time” inventory management through the Internet.

  • Have a nominal fee for each item sold (but the best companies dropship for FREE!).
  • Be available for phone or e-mail support regularly.

There are plenty of dropship company “red flags” that you should steer clear of. Experts recommend that if a dropship company sells the same products at wholesale prices to the public, they’re not giving you actual wholesale costs. Ongoing fees for dropshipping are also frowned upon, so any company that requires you pay recurring fees may not be worth your while. However, it isn’t uncommon for a dropship company to charge a “start-up fee,” especially if they offer valuable information, advice and technology to help you sell their products.

You can also research others’ experience with the company before jumping into any arrangement, or go with the overall impression of the company based upon its own retail customers and their reviews. Some of the best dropship companies are the actual manufacturers of the items you want to sell, as their reputation is just as much on the line as yours is. Consider that a starting point for finding a trustworthy dropship company and see where it takes you.