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Do Drop Shippers Need a Logo?

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One of the most important tips a marketer will give anyone who is starting a business is to have a great logo. Your logo is the visual brand of your business, it is how people instantly recognize what you are selling or the services you provide. With drop shipping, and the promise of a minimal investment to start up your business, the cost of a professional logo design may be more than you’re willing to spend. Thoughts about the “return on investment” of a logo that costs hundreds of dollars may spin through your head. After all, you’re just helping people buy the products they want, not starting a chain of retail stores. Is a logo really necessary for a drop shipper?

Yes, of course it is. But, you have options to consider before hiring a graphic designer or asking your neighbor to design it. Brand awareness is important for any business, and as a drop shipper, your biggest “brand loyalty” aspect is the service you provide. You’re not a manufacturer, so the brand loyalty to an item falls on that part of your supply chain. This means that you can get away with a much simpler, lower cost logo than a company looking to establish a line of products. You don’t have to do market testing, consider demographics or any of the other aspects logo design from a marketing stand point. You just have to be sure your logo represents you, includes “best practices” in its visual appeal (web-appropriate, easy to print), and is memorable enough that it can stand out in an image search if people forget the name of your business or website.

Of all the decisions you must make when starting up a drop shipping business, your logo probably isn’t as important as securing a reliable drop shipping source for the items you’re selling. People will always remember a bad shopping experience over a great logo, and when it comes to that kind of marketing, keeping it simple can be your biggest investment overall.

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